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Outdoor Play

Keeping Fit & Healthy

Keeping Fit & Healthy: Helping your children build strong bodies and minds

Enjoying exercise is important to us here at Kettlesing Pre-School. This is why we have organised for caring professionals to come lead three of our sessions each week.

Being physically active every day is important for our children’s healthy growth and development. Every time your child exercises, they are building strong muscles and bones; maintaining a healthy heart and weight as well as developing important motor skills.

5 easy tips for encouraging physical activity…

Children who are under five and able to walk should have three hours of physical daily activity (NHS Choices). Here are five simple things that you can do to ensure they achieve this.

  1. Turn off the television and limit other screen time. Instead of letting your child watch television or play on a device, try engaging them in unstructured play. Encourage them to move around the house or roll around on the carpet, wash the baby or simply move their toys around.
  2. Play games with your child. Games such as Hide and Seek, Tag or other chasing games are a great way to get your child (and you) involved in more energetic activities.  This type of activity should make them huff and puff.
  3. Go for a walk. Going for a walk through the woods, stopping to throw a stone in a river or to observe the nature around them is exciting for your child and also a simple, cost effective way to ensure they are being active.
  4. Swim. Taking your child to the swimming pool is fun, gentle exercise for the whole body! Young children enjoy splashing around and feeling the warm water massaging their body.
  5. Help with the gardening. Not only will your child get plenty of exercise and improved muscle tone helping you around the garden, but they will learn lots of new skills. Children love getting dirty digging in the soil. What better way to improve their love of nature!

Please Remember…

Active bodies also improve the brain’s functionality. Children who are active show better memory skills and can also concentrate for longer periods of time. Studies have also shown that exercise can decrease anxiety levels, reduce depression and improve the quality of your child’s sleep. Not only that, but physical activity develops your child’s self-esteem and confidence. (Take the Magic Step).

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Author: Lisa Jackson-Ward